Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two new features added to our blog

We've added two new features to help you follow us!  If you use an RSS reader (i.e. Google Reader, Outlook, etc.) you can subscribe to our posts.  If you don't use a reader you can follow by e-mail.

So we are never that far away.

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"Give me your email & password for your Facebook." - Your Employer

Sometime ago we had posted on our Facebook page about companies checking your Facebook page. Well it was reported yesterday that current & future employers are now asking for your email address & password for your Facebook account. The big question was that is it legal. Well, according to several leading lawyers, it turns out that it is. As it stands right now, there are only 3 states that have drafted bills to make it illegal.
We want to know what is your take on this. Will you give your credentials up?
Let us know by posting your comments on our blog.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning + March Madness = Savings

That new PC is making you wonder What happened?  It was super duper fast and now takes forever to do anything. Well we at MJ Technologies can help you with a spring cleaning for your PC. We’ll optimize your hard drive space, determine if you have unnecessary software, and make sure your Windows operating system is updated and running at top form. 

FOR $34.99* (online only) until 3/31/2012
  • Temporary files, startup files, and registry clean up
  • Software assessment
  • Defrag your PC
  • Check for Windows updates
  • Review anti-spyware and anti-virus definitions
All we need is a high-speed internet connection and a working PC with no viruses or spyware infections. 
We are going to extend our hours for this promotion as well. 
 Monday - Friday from 8am-7pm 
Accepting debit and credit cards

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Public Service Announcement - Safeguard your technology

We are all aware of viruses, spyware & malware. What about actual physical theft?  I recently rode the NYC subway (which I have not done in about 2 years) and was surprised to see all of the technology being used out in the open. iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and more. A veritable store for a thief.

Would you count $500.00 in a subway car?  Why not? You are already doing so by using your iPad that you waited on line for all night at the Apple store.  Wait until you've reached your destination to read that article, book and rest assured that the Angry birds will still be angry.

As a kid in NYC & even today my mother would say "protect your valuables". Do not leave yourself to become a victim of theft or even worse.
Stay safe.